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Job Costings

Imagine having the information that identifies the profitability of each project/service on a live or monthly basis!

This is powerful information that allows owners/managers to make informed decisions on individual projects, based on factual data. The early indication of low margin products and/or services which are running significantly over the budgeted time, gives you the opportunity to make swift decisions to turn these into positive outcomes.

Our excel based costing reports work equally well for service-based and product-based businesses. In addition, we have vast experience in working with software providers where client’s data is implemented into costings systems to produce production, planning and scheduling as well as the costing reports.

We understand the business and costing issues, propose a strategy and assist and/or implement reports or systems that provide this vital information. Reports are effective and easy to read. Contact us for further information or to arrange a meeting.

“You are in safe hands”


  • Meet target margins on all projects.
  • Understand Labour costs.
  • Plan ahead by scheduling time per project with the right team member


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