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Budgeting & Projections

Have you a vision for the future of your enterprise? Should you have a vision? Are you looking to expand? ‘Innovation is an endless quest. To stand still today is to go backwards, and fast’
Richard Branson ©

Do these plans result in a positive and profitable outcome? Based on current and projected income and costs we complete simple and effective reports which display the potential profitability of your business. Together we will review these figures, which may require some reflection and tweaking, so that you can move forward with confidence.

It is very important that projections - v - actual performance is tracked to ensure that the result is achieved – measure your success. The key is – Plan, Project, Profitability.


At times, after completion of the projections, the vision and/or expansion plans may not result in positive financial outcomes. In this event, it is prudent not to move forward but to re-think and re-visit the project or another venture/idea.

“You are in safe hands”


  • Have confidence in the future.
  • Control costs.
  • Understand, breakeven and achieve your potential.


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