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Cash flow Projections

A cash flow tracks the income generated against the payments in a given period.

Elements of a successful cash flow could include:

• Bank balance
• Debtors
• Orders on hand
• Salaries
• Revenue payments
• Direct Debits


Our view is that:

Positive cash flow projections result in profits. However, it is incorrect to work only on the basis of cash flow as it can be completely misleading to the business owner/manager. Cash flows should be completed in conjunction with projected Profit and Loss accounts.

The preparation of cash flow projections is paramount to business success. We complete or can assist clients to prepare and maintain a cash flow, consisting based on their business model using past accounts and future projections/expectations.

When managed frequently, this has proved hugely successful for clients. Contact our office and we can arrange a review of your current situation and discuss plans for implementing your cash flow projection/management.

“You are in safe hands”


  • Reports include all relevant business costs to ensure minimum income threshold is identified.
  • Allows prudent management of cash flow.
  • Great document for investors, stakeholders, and for financial institutes.

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