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Financial Management Services

Management Accounts

When it comes to making decisions for the future of any business, it is wise to look at the past (from which lessons can be learned), the present and then plan strategically for the future.

Management Accounts are based on current data (last trading period, be it monthly or quarterly) and consist of the following:

• P.I.’s (Key Performance Indicators)
• Detailed Profit & Loss account
• Balance Sheet
• Sales, Production
• Labour Cost analysis reports.

These accounts represent current (not historical) profitability and statistics and allow clients to review and make informed decisions about the direction of the business. This information highlights pitfalls where clients can address issues to bring the business back on track.

Management Accounts and reports can be specific to a client’s industry/trade. Some fine tuning is often required to capture and effectively present K.P.I.’s. This is a short process of collaboration for the greater good of the business and effective future reporting.

We facilitate and encourage monthly management meetings to enable us to guide clients through times of change, to highlight issues of concern, as well as the important positives as clients succeed in meeting their objectives. It is very prudent for an initial assessment of the reports and vital when the business is evolving.

Our reports have assisted clients in the past and will continue to deliver positive results for existing and new clients into the future.

We can work with in-house accounts personnel or alternatively the data can be gathered from our Bookkeeping Bureau.

Do you require financial guidance on the direction of your business?

Are you at a stage where micro management would improve your business’ profitability?

Do you need this information to ensure that your business is sustainable and profitable?

Monthly account management allows for tighter control.

“You are in safe hands”


  • One page K.P.I report for the business M.D. / C. E. O
  • Allows proactive decision making.
  • Detailed cost reports for micromanagement


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