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Human Resources

We provide a dynamic solution for H.R compliance, wholly managed from start to finish by our  specialist  H.R team.

Delivering on all Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) legislation to full compliance level, essential in fully protecting the Employer.

Employers should protect themselves and their employees by pro-actively reviewing their current  policies and documents and contacting Horizon H.R for a fully managed solution and support service.


Our Services Include:

Privacy Policies                                                                                  Confidentiality Agreements                                        

Grievance and Disciplinary Policies                                      Employee Handbooks                                  

Contract Templates                                                                         Advisory Service

Employee Contracts                                                                        Employment Law and H.R Legislation


Contact us  without delay, we have your back!


Failure to provide critical documents leaves the employer in breach of regulations and open to potential WRC investigations and possible legal action.

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We provide a dynamic solution for H.R compliance, wholly managed from start to finish by our specialist H.R team... Read More

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