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EPA publishes industrial pollutant emissions data

EPA publishes industrial pollutant emissions data

There was a dramatic decrease in the HCFC refrigerant gas emissions from large industrial activities, according to the most recent data from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The findings from 2017 show the positive response to the phase out and switch to a more environmentally-friendly bulk refrigerant by Irish industry.

The EPA has published environmental data today on Ireland’s national pollutant and transfer register. It covers 91 pollutants from 417 large industrial facilities around the country.

It found a 17% increase in 2017 in the recovery of hazardous waste within Ireland, and a 47% increase (165,000) in the quantity of hazardous waste sent abroad for recovery.

Patrick Geoghegan, EPA Senior Manager said, the data on hazardous waste transfers indicates that the positive trend to send hazardous waste for recovery treatment, rather than disposal, continued in 2017.

“However, it also highlights that Ireland has not moved significantly towards self-sufficiency. A lack of domestic infrastructure and the often more favourable cost option of treatment and disposal abroad have meant that export continues to be a significant treatment route for Ireland’s hazardous waste.”

The pollutant release and transfer register provides greater transparency among stakeholders and incentivises industry to establish clean production techniques and pollution abatement equipment to reduce emissions.

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