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Ireland at full employment as jobless rate unchanged

Ireland at full employment as jobless rate unchanged.

THE country is at full employment as just 4.5pc of the workforce are out of work.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for June was 4.5pc, unchanged on the prior month.

However, it was down 1.9pc when compared to a year earlier, according to figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

The seasonally adjusted number of people unemployed was 109,700 last month.

When compared to June 2018, there was a decrease of 30,500 in the seasonally adjusted number of people unemployed.

Pawel Adrjan, economist at global job site Indeed, said: “Whilst the downward trajectory of the rate of unemployment paused for breath in June, the employment story in Ireland remains extremely positive.”

However Mr Adrjan warned that the threat of a no-deal Brexit could prove to be a “fly in the ointment of the overwhelmingly positive Irish employment story.”

“The Government has warned that 55,000 jobs could be lost in the first two years of a disorderly Brexit, and as many as 85,000 jobs over the longer term.”

“This stark warning is a reminder that the downward trajectory for unemployment that Ireland has experienced could be reversed by external events largely beyond Ireland’s control,” he added.

For males, the unemployment rate was 4.7pc last month, remaining unchanged from May 2019, and down from 6pc in June 2018.

For women, the unemployment rate was 4.3pc last month compared to 4.2pc in May, and down from 5.7pc in June 2018.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate among young people, that is those aged 15-24, increased marginally last month to 10.1pc from 10pc in May.

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