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Practicenet 2018-06-19 09:51:55

A new property search engine, Perfect Property, has revealed the budget of the average house hunter in Dublin.

According to the site, the average house hunter in Dublin has a budget of €315,000 for their prospective home.

However, there are some exceptions, with 4pc of Dubliners having a budget of €1m and 1pc having a budget of €5m when it comes to searching for houses, according to research on from the site.

Meanwhile, the site has found that the majority of searches are for houses, with just under three in four consumers searching for houses as opposed to apartments.

And the areas proving to be most popular for property searches include Finglas, Swords, Tallaght and Malahide.

“Our focus at Perfect Property is to work with house hunters and make the journey to their new homes as seamless as possible,” Laura Pollard, managing director at Perfect Property, said.

“Our latest insights will help people in search of a new home by showing them at there are various options when considering one of the biggest purchases they’ll ever make.”

The research also suggests that just over one in four house hunters are looking for properties with renovation potential.

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