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Only 11pc of SMEs using renewables

Almost four in 10 Irish businesses would be willing to pay higher energy costs if their energy was coming from renewable sources, according to a new survey. Half of those businesses would pay a premium of more than 5pc.

The survey carried out by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of Calor found that only 11pc of Irish businesses reported using renewable energy.

“What this survey finds conclusively is that Irish businesses are looking for renewable alternatives and are open to making greener choices,” said Calor chief executive Gino Vansteenhuyse.

“Much of the focus to date has been on renewable electricity, but thermal energy accounts for a substantial part of Irish business energy use.”

Calor is launching a renewable gas product for homes and businesses shortly. The gas is a byproduct of biodiesel [made from recycled waste and vegetable oil] and can be used in existing gas infrastructure.

The survey found 85pc of businesses not using renewable energy were open to its use.

However, only 7pc had set targets for reducing emissions.

Pressure from customers does not appear to be a major factor in motivation for switching to renewables. Only 10pc encountered customers raising sustainability as an issue.

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