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Knocking, emailing and suiting up: job interview tips around the world

Top tips for doing well at job interviews around the world have been published, ranging from knocking three times in Japan, not winking in Hong Kong and wearing a high-quality suit in Italy.

Following up an interview with an email to thank managers for their time is suggested for the UK.

Jobs site Glassdoor said there are different interview etiquettes across the world which jobseekers should be aware of.

Knocking on a door twice in Japan is frowned upon, eat with the right hand if taken out for lunch in India, bastard is often a term of endearment in Australia and candidates should wait for a handshake in the United Arab Emirates, it was suggested.

Tico Andrea of Glassdoor said: “No matter where you are in the world, first impressions are absolutely vital during the interview process.

“If you get this wrong, your interview could be over before it has even begun.

“Jobseekers should make sure they are as informed as possible and take time to research customs and local etiquettes as well as company cultures and values when applying.”

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