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UK still the top destination for emigrating Irish professionals

The UK remains the top destination for professionals leaving Ireland, despite the country’s intention to leave the European Union.
The level of movement between both countries did fall marginally however, with approximately 26pc of all talent leaving Ireland opting for the UK between October 2016 and April 2017, compared to approximately 27pc in the previous six months.
“While there is a slight fall in the total share of professionals emigrating to the UK compared to the previous period, it is still too early to tell whether this is a trend which will continue in the short term,” Sharon McCooey, senior director of international operations and site Leader of LinkedIn Ireland, said.

According to data released by LinkedIn the top five destinations for emigrating Irish professionals were the UK, the United States, Spain, Australia, and France.

Meanwhile the top five professionals which are seeking opportunities abroad are HR, marketing, social services, project management, and media and communications.
Professional immigration

Ireland also continues to benefit from professionals moving to the country, with the software sectors demand for talent continuing to grow.
Brazil is the top net source for professionals moving to Ireland as a whole, followed by India, Italy, Croatia, and France.

Along with software, the sectors attracting more talent to Ireland include health care and pharmaceutical, oil and energy, and HR/recruitment.
To promote greater overseas technology recruiting, IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland launched TechLife Ireland a number of years ago, with the aim of the campaign to attract tech talent to Ireland.

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