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‘Business-friendly’ campaign call

The Government should do even more to promote Ireland internationally as a business-friendly destination, the global head of technology giant SAP has said.
Bill McDermott said it should develop a ‘who’s more friendly to business than Ireland’ movement to help hammer home internationally the State’s 12.5pc corporation tax rate beyond the board rooms.
“I think that you probably don’t even market it [12.5pc rate] enough. I know that people know at the top [of companies], but I just think as global brand opportunity, it’s even bigger. I would say keep marketing it,” he said.

“In the world economy it might not be a bad idea to have a ‘who’s more friendly to business than Ireland’ movement. Because, general awareness leads to consideration. When people consider more, they’re in buying windows, and the more you can get them in buying windows, the more you create commerce and opportunity for all your people.”
Mr McDermott was speaking on the margins of SAP Ireland’s 20th anniversary celebrations at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin yesterday. The company also announced a further 150 new jobs over the next 18 months, which would bring the total workforce here to more than 2,000. The company has operations in both Dublin and Galway.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny welcomed SAP’s ongoing commitment to Ireland.
“This announcement further highlights Ireland’s suitability as a destination for the tech sector,” he said.

“This thriving company is exactly the type of business we seek to attract.”

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