External Financial Control

External Financial Controller:


Would you like to have monthly information on your business on a set day each month, in a format that allows you to make decisive decisions?

Would you find benefit in having a monthly meeting with a proactive, vibrant financial controller who gives sound practical advice on suggests for your consideration actions to be taken on various items?

Are there personnel in your office who have become complacent in their roles and who need to sharpen up to ensure your business and their employment succeeds now and into the future?

Horizon Accounting work with clients who have internal accounts staff.

We become part of the business’ team by working with the staff and maximizing their potential in a positive manner.

Where necessary we improve systems, procedures & policies – all in conjunctions with and approval by the owner/manager.

We ensure that the accounts departments work efficiently, accurately and to monthly deadlines when monthly stats and management information can be generated and presented.

This is a key service provided by Horizon Accounting which clients value greatly especially over the past few years as business’ need to diversify and change with the times.

Would you consider that this is a service that would benefit your business?  Contact us to arrange an initial meeting, without obligation.