Business Planning and Forecasting

Business Planning & Forecasting:


All business’ should plan ahead and have confidence in the future.

However, as owner/managers may become involved in the other areas of the business when the important planning can become neglected.

Horizon Accounting can assist in ensuring that the planning and that the review process is in place.

Business objectives & targets are core to the financial reports for all businesses. The objectives and targets must be realistic and achievable and should be reported back to the relevant departments frequently.

This feedback is really important to employees allowing them to understand the business needs and that they are achieving the business requirements through improved efficiencies and hard work ethic.

Your future is their future!

The majority of employees want to their employers and their business’ to succeed.

We at Horizon Accounting work with our clients in planning & forecasting into the future. Projected Cashflow and Profit & Loss accounts are prepared and used as a tool to compare projections with actual performance.

From these reports owner/managers can hone in on improvements or changes to the business – the projected reports can be updated on an ongoing basis, as necessary to take into account any changes which allow accurate comparisons going forward.

Road signs, maps and sat. navigators guide drivers to their desired destination….. What is guiding your business?