Broker Support

Our Brokers support services has been created to fill the void between the requirements of the central bank and the Brokers ability to fulfill these standards with confidence, removing all anxiety and concerns.

Our approach to all our clients is ‘Hands On.’ We do not leave a list of tasks to be completed; we take ownership and strive to meet agreed achievable deadlines.

We have the added advantage and knowledge of this sector as we have provided our service to a Broker with multi locations whose business has now been reconfigured into a once again profitable operation after reviewing is profitability on an ongoing basis and addressing the sales, & costs.

Eventually, making the decisive & correct decisions for the good of the business.

Joining the Horizon team to provide this service John Sheridan has the experience of the xxxxx systems and the ability to provide key information for clients to consider in moving their business forward into the most profitable advantageous areas.

The joint efforts of Horizon Accounting & John Sheridan assisted our mutual client in overcoming a 6 month central bank audit with a clean bill of health.

Hence, another reason to expand and offer this service to other Brokers who can benefit hugely from the management accounts & reports provided whilst bringing them into the scope of the Consumer Protection Code.

Are you a Broker who is concerned about the Central Banks requirements? Why not drop an email or an ‘Enquiry Request’ and we will be only too delighted to meet to discuss your needs.